Plugin News

  • Sep202017

    Toggle Visibility released

    Today we released a new plugin called Toggle Visibility. “Toggle Visibility” is a Cinema 4D Tag plugin tool that will…

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  • Jan052017

    New and improved Lon-Lat Connection Kit V3.0

    Thegreatsummit is proud to announce the new and improved LON-LAT Connection Kit V3.0, a geo-location creation toolkit for Cinema 4D.…

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  • Sep062016

    Streetview4D V1.2

    Because Google changed their Street View interface for User Content, we had to update Streetview4D. This new updated version is now…

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  • Jun172016

    Slice4D Playground 3 tutorial

    We just added our Slice4D Playground Tutorial Example number 3. Here we show you how to use Slice4D V2.1 together…

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  • Jun162016

    Slice4D V2.1 released

    This new Slice4D V2.1 has some bug fixes and one additional functionality: Rel / Abs: You can now move the…

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  • Jun132016

    New workflow plugin: Viewport Switch.

    We just released our latest plugin called Viewport Switch. The Viewport Switch plugin lets you speed up your daily workflow by…

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  • May302016

    Today we launched Slice4D V2!

    Today we launched we launched Slice4D V2. Slice4D V2 is the long awaited next version of the popular Cinema 4D Slice4D…

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  • May092016

    STREETVIEW4D Locations || Part 3 – Insane Beauty

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  • May072016

    Coming up tutorial – How to use the Streetview4D plugin

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  • Apr262016

    STREETVIEW4D Locations || Part 2 – Abstract

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