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  • Sep062016

    Streetview4D V1.2

    Because Google changed their Street View interface for User Content, we had to update Streetview4D. This new updated version is now…

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  • Sep052016

    StreetView4D – Google changed Street View User Content interface!

    StreetView4D. Google changed their Street View User Content interface. This means that currently not all Street View URL’s are working…

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  • Jul112016

    How to mirror your HDRI

    If you use Streetview4D to download an HDRI and use it in your scene, sometimes you might want to mirror…

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  • Jun232016

    Use Streetview4D to light and reflect your scenes with art from the Dutch Rijksmuseum museum.

    Now that the art collection of the Dutch Rijksmuseum museum is available in Google Street View, you can the  Streetview4D plugin to…

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  • Jun172016

    Slice4D Playground 3 tutorial

    We just added our Slice4D Playground Tutorial Example number 3. Here we show you how to use Slice4D V2.1 together…

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  • Jun162016

    Slice4D V2.1 released

    This new Slice4D V2.1 has some bug fixes and one additional functionality: Rel / Abs: You can now move the…

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  • Jun132016

    New workflow plugin: Viewport Switch.

    We just released our latest plugin called Viewport Switch. The Viewport Switch plugin lets you speed up your daily workflow by…

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  • Jun052016

    New short tutorial on how to use Slice4D V2 to slice a cube in all directions

    We just added a short tutorial on how to use Slice4D V2 to slice a cube in all directions and…

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  • Jun012016

    Slice4D & Streetview4D working together

    Here a beautiful example of what you can do using Slice4D V2 and Streetview4D together. Slice4D V2  to create the…

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  • May302016

    Today we launched Slice4D V2!

    Today we launched we launched Slice4D V2. Slice4D V2 is the long awaited next version of the popular Cinema 4D Slice4D…

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