Author archive for Pim Grooff

  • Oct172018

    All our plugins are now ready for R20.

    We are happy to say that from October 1st, 2018 all our plugins are ready for R20!  

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  • Nov092017

    Confusion about the MeshBoolean V1.5 download

    Sorry, due to an error on our website, there is some confusion about downloading the new MeshBoolean V1.5 for existing…

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  • Nov082017

    MeshBoolean V1.5 released

    Today we released MeshBoolean V1.5, an update for MeshBoolean V1.0. MeshBoolean V1.5 now supports MoGraph! Note: If you already bought…

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  • Nov012017

    MeshBoolean V1.0 Released

    Today, November 1st 2017, we released a new plugin called MeshBoolean. It’s a parametric boolan plugin that completely changes the…

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  • Oct012017

    New version of AniSplines available shortly.

    At this moment we are working on a new updated version of AniSplines. This commercial version will be available shortly.…

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  • Sep202017

    Toggle Visibility released

    Today we released a new plugin called Toggle Visibility. “Toggle Visibility” is a Cinema 4D Tag plugin tool that will…

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  • Jan132017

    Lon-Lat Connection Kit V3.0 Teaser and introduction videos.

    We put some videos on Vimeo to show you the new and updated functionality of the Lon-Lat Connection Kit V3.0.…

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  • Jan052017

    New and improved Lon-Lat Connection Kit V3.0

    Thegreatsummit is proud to announce the new and improved LON-LAT Connection Kit V3.0, a geo-location creation toolkit for Cinema 4D.…

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  • Sep062016

    Streetview4D V1.2

    Because Google changed their Street View interface for User Content, we had to update Streetview4D. This new updated version is now…

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  • Sep052016

    StreetView4D – Google changed Street View User Content interface!

    StreetView4D. Google changed their Street View User Content interface. This means that currently not all Street View URL’s are working…

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