• Update- PBR Texture Manager 1.5 Image Thumbnails

    We’ve added a new feature to our PBR Texture Manager plugin for Cinema 4D! From now on you can create rendered thumbnails of your materials and pick out the perfect one for your scene. Double click on the preview and view all your textures inside the folder.


    We’ve also made a short video of this new feature added to the plugin, see below.

  • New Plugin for Cinema 4D- PBR Texture Manager

    Our new plugin for Cinema 4D is a PBR texture manager in which you can store all your textures and quickly import them with a single click. There is support for all major render engines. All texture maps in order to create PBR material are setup for you!

    Many artists have gathered a pretty big collection of high res. textures they use everyday to create work. This plugin is designed to help you organise all these beautiful textures and also helps importing and previewing them.

    There is support for all texture store platforms like: RDTextures, Poliigon, GreyScaleGorilla, CGAxis and many many more. 


  • All our plugins are now ready for R20.

    We are happy to say that from October 1st, 2018 all our plugins are ready for R20!


  • Confusion about the MeshBoolean V1.5 download

    Sorry, due to an error on our website, there is some confusion about downloading the new MeshBoolean V1.5 for existing MeshBoolean V1.0 customers.

    The problem is that in your account the plugin is labeled as v1.0, but actually the V1.5 is in that archive.
    So, download the archive named Meshboolean V1.0 and you will see that it is MeshBoolean v1.5.
    New customers will get the new MeshBoolean V1.5 directly of course.
  • MeshBoolean V1.5 released

    Today we released MeshBoolean V1.5, an update for MeshBoolean V1.0.

    MeshBoolean V1.5 now supports MoGraph!

    Note: If you already bought MeshBoolean V1.0 go to My Account – Orders and download MeshBoolean again.
    Although it shows the same name, it is MeshBoolean V1.5.
    In the same way, you can also download the updated manual here.