• New version of AniSplines available shortly.

    At this moment we are working on a new updated version of AniSplines.
    This commercial version will be available shortly.

    If you have any requests for this new version, please let us know.
    If it is a functionality we are going to implement, you will receive the new version for free!

    In the mean time, the current version of AniSplines is no longer available.

  • Toggle Visibility released

    Today we released a new plugin called Toggle Visibility.

    “Toggle Visibility” is a Cinema 4D Tag plugin tool that will speed up your modelling and render process.

    It gives you tools to set / toggle “Visible in Editor” and “Visible in Renderer” with just one mouse click. No need to specify two keyframes (one for Editor and one for Renderer) to put visibility On and two keyframes to put visibility Off.
    Together with the optimized user interface your workflow will benefit extremely.



    And you can do this for not just one object, but a list of objects if needed.

    If the host object visibility is toggle, the visibility of all objects in the In_Exclude list will follow!
    We also release released a demo version of Toggle Visibility.
    The Toggle Visibility Demo version has the following restrictions:

    • Tag data will not be saved or loaded when opening or closing the scene.
    • Visibility set by the Toggle Visibility Demo Tag will have no impact on rendering.
    • The function “Convert Switch frame to Keyframes” is not supported.

    For a short introduction, have a look at this video:  Toggle Visibility – Short introduction.

    Note: This plugin is the first plugin under the new support arrangement.
    We have changed our policy. Instead of the license check, we now offer a one year support and do not ask for your Cinema 4D serial anymore.

  • Lon-Lat Connection Kit V3.0 Teaser and introduction videos.

    We put some videos on Vimeo to show you the new and updated functionality of the Lon-Lat Connection Kit V3.0.

    Lon-Lat Connection Kit V3.0 Teaser.

    Lon-Lat Connection Kit V3 – Country splines.

    Lon-Lat Connection Kit V3.0 Quick intro.

  • New and improved Lon-Lat Connection Kit V3.0


    Thegreatsummit is proud to announce the new and improved LON-LAT Connection Kit V3.0, a geo-location creation toolkit for Cinema 4D.

    We upgraded and added new functionality to the old Lon-Lat Connection Kit.


    The plugin will let you create accurate locations and connections on the globe:
    – easy selection and creation of locations from a list with thousands of cities
    – easy creation of connections between location
    – file parsing for creating large amounts of locations and connections
    – parametric settings for the created locations and connections
    – OMS for searching cities.

    The library contains different globes, lines and markers:
    – 2 vector globes in 110m and 50m resolutions, rigged for easy setup
    – a high resolution natural globe
    – sweep line object with embedded animation system
    – 5 different markers

    New and improved V3.0 functionality:
    – over 130 country splines
    – easy to use sweep line object with embedded animation system
    – new advanced settings
    – integrated Help function
    – additional earth models
    – supports R18 (PC and Mac)



  • Streetview4D V1.2

    tilesIconBecause Google changed their Street View interface for User Content, we had to update Streetview4D.
    This new updated version is now available for download for customers who bought Streetview4D.


    Go to and login.
    Then go to My Account and Downloads.
    Here you can download Streetview4D V1.2.
    Use the license provided with Streetview4D earlier versions.

    Additional Streetview V1.2 change:
    After you selected an example panorama, the Example Browser dialog will be closed.