• StreetView4D – Google changed Street View User Content interface!

    Google changed their Street View User Content interface.
    This means that currently not all Street View URL’s are working in StreetView4D.
    Photo and Photo Sphere URL’s are not working at the moment.

    Normal Street View URL’s are working.
    It also means that some of the URL’s in the Example Browser are not working

    Our development department is working hard to fix this issue.

    photo sphere



  • Use Streetview4D to light and reflect your scenes with art from the Dutch Rijksmuseum museum.


    Now that the art collection of the Dutch Rijksmuseum museum is available in Google Street View, you can the  Streetview4D plugin to download and use it to light and reflect your scenes.

    Here an example of Rembrandt’s Night Watch downloaded with Streetview4D.
    Here the link to try it yourself using Streetview4D.




    The Rijksmuseum is the museum of the Netherlands. Its world-famous masterworks from the Dutch Golden Age include the Milkmaid by Vermeer and Rembrandt’s Night Watch. The Rijksmuseum itself is also a masterpiece. The collection is presented in a stunning building with amazing interior design. In 80 galleries 8,000 objects tell the story of 800 years of Dutch art and history, from the Middle Ages to Mondrian. Every year, over 2.5 million visitors travel through the ages and experience a feeling of beauty and sense of time.

    Click here for more information.

  • Slice4D Playground 3 tutorial

    We just added our Slice4D Playground Tutorial Example number 3.

    Here we show you how to use Slice4D V2.1 together with a Mograph Cloner object.
    We also explain the new Slice4D V2.1 Relative / Absolute functionality.

  • Slice4D V2.1 released

    This new Slice4D V2.1 has some bug fixes and one additional functionality:

    Rel / Abs: You can now move the sliced objects relative (over the Gizmo axis) and absolute (over the world axis).

    We have sent all Slice4D V2 users an update.
    If you are a Slice4D V2 user have not received this update, please let us know.


  • New workflow plugin: Viewport Switch.

    We just released our latest plugin called Viewport Switch.

    The Viewport Switch plugin lets you speed up your daily workflow by adding all features that improve speed into a single shortcut.

     A single button and shortcut to switch between two modes
     Turn off and on object groups.
     Proxy manager – switch between two objects.
     Layer manager – Easily include or exclude layers
     View options – Turn off all textures or other items