• Slice4D V2.1 released

    This new Slice4D V2.1 has some bug fixes and one additional functionality:

    Rel / Abs: You can now move the sliced objects relative (over the Gizmo axis) and absolute (over the world axis).

    We have sent all Slice4D V2 users an update.
    If you are a Slice4D V2 user have not received this update, please let us know.


  • New workflow plugin: Viewport Switch.

    We just released our latest plugin called Viewport Switch.

    The Viewport Switch plugin lets you speed up your daily workflow by adding all features that improve speed into a single shortcut.

     A single button and shortcut to switch between two modes
     Turn off and on object groups.
     Proxy manager – switch between two objects.
     Layer manager – Easily include or exclude layers
     View options – Turn off all textures or other items


  • New short tutorial on how to use Slice4D V2 to slice a cube in all directions

    We just added a short tutorial on how to use Slice4D V2 to slice a cube in all directions and put it in a Fracture object.


  • Slice4D & Streetview4D working together

    Here a beautiful example of what you can do using Slice4D V2 and Streetview4D together.
    Slice4D V2  to create the object and Streetview4D to light and reflect the object / scene.


  • Today we launched Slice4D V2!

    Today we launched we launched Slice4D V2.

    Slice4D V2 is the long awaited next version of the popular Cinema 4D Slice4D Plugin.
    It is now a fully supported version with following added functionality:
    • Gizmo object to control slicing.
    • Position, Scale and Rotate Gizmo to fully control slicing.
    • Real time update when changing Gizmo or parameters.
    • All parameters can be animated.
    • Phong Tag control.
    • Online manual and support.

    Check it out!