Frequently Asked Questions

How do I change my license?

If you like to switch your license to a different Cinema 4D serial you can write us an email on:

We will try to get you a new license within 24 hours.

In the email you must include:
– Email or Username
– Old license code
– Product name
– New Cinema 4D serial

My license is not working?

The licence file needs to be in the same folder as the plugin in the Maxon plugin directory. The license is linked to your Cinema 4D serial.

Do I need to sign up to buy?


This way you will be able to get free updates with your account. This way you are always working with the latest release. 🙂

I have forgotten my password, now what?

No worries!

Just click “lost your password?”, enter your username or email and we will send you a link so you can reset your password.

Which methods of payment are accepted?

Currently we only support PayPal.

PayPal is free and allows you to add credits cards, ensuring secure payments.

PayPal Website

How to rename a license file when on a Mac.

First of al, make sure “Show Extensions” is on.

To show extensions on your mac, do the following:
Step 1: Open a new Finder window on your Mac.
Step 2: In the Menu bar, go to Finder > Preferences > Advanced
Step 3: Select the box that says “Show all filename extensions”.

Now that you can see the extension, it is save to rename the license file.

How to mirror your HDRI

If you use Streetview4D to download an HDRI and use it in your scene, sometimes you might want to mirror the HDRI.
Of course you can do that in Photoshop or another image processing program, but you can do it also in Cinema 4D.

All you have to do is  change the “Length U” to -100% or the “Tiles U” to -1 in the Texture Tag of the HDRI.
This will mirror the HDRI.