Upcoming Plugin – Meshboolean

Upcoming Plugin – Meshboolean
October 15, 2017 JW Zegelaar
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We recently did a survey where we asked people, “What do you miss inside c4d?” A lot of great suggestions came across, but one was standing out the most was a modelling tool that acts like Hard-ops (Blender) or MeshFusion (Modo).

So we started testing inside Cinema 4D if we can make something like this and we came up with a pretty interesting plugin. It’s a parametric boole plugin that completely changes to way to work with boolean object. It keep everything in a single hierarchy and you can add automatic bevels to every boole operation. You can always adjust every boole and change the bevel. We added some new functions like cut-in, symmetry and other fun concept for you to play around with.

The plugin is currently in beta fase and we will release the plugin shortly. So keep an eye out on the page for more updates!