Lon-Lat Connection Kit (Free)

Lon-Lat Connection Kit (Free)


LON-LAT Connection Kit V3, a geo-location creation toolkit for Maxon’s Cinema 4D.
Now with new and improved functionality.
For R16 and higher (PC and Mac).

Also supported for R20!

We stopped the development for this plugin. It’s free to use and download for everybody. Remember that we don’t give any support on this anymore:)


The plugin will let you create accurate locations and connections on the globe:
– easy selection and creation of locations from a list with thousands of cities
– easy creation of connections between location
– file parsing for creating large amounts of locations and connections
– parametric settings for the created locations and connections
– OMS for searching cities.

The library contains different globes, lines and markers:
– 2 vector globes in 110m and 50m resolutions, rigged for easy setup
– a high resolution natural globe
– sweep line object with embedded animation system
– 5 different markers

New and improved V3.0 functionality:
– over 130 country splines
– easy to use sweep line object with embedded animation system
– new advanced settings
– integrated Help function
– supports R16 and higher (PC and Mac)

Watch the demo video’s below:

press “f” for fullscreen