TGS Texture Manager 2.0

TGS Texture Manager 2.0


Import and organize all your PBR textures and own textures.

For MacOS & Windows


Supported Render Engines
Physical – Standard – Prorender – Redshift – Octane – Vray – Arnold – Corona

• Import your textures in a single click
• Organize all your textures in one place
• Preview your textures before importing
• Support for almost all texture platforms
• Fast thumbnail creation in the background.

Support for Cinema 4D R19 and up (Cinema 4D R2024)
No textures are included with this plugin.

Import support for all texture formats and image types. Including for example Substance Painter or texture creators like RDTextures, Poliigon, Quixel Megascans, GSG and many more. You can also use your own textures of course.



Learn here the basics to
setup your texture folder

recommend video to start working with the plugin. 



Create your own presets 
version 2.0

In this video we show all features on the 2.0 release. 


We support all PBR texture creators. 

You can even adjust the search values to your needs. So we can also automate your texture workflow. 


  • How does the smart import function work?

    We look inside the folder and search for keywords. For example for the color map we look for the keywords below. If we find a texture that includes one of these keys we know there is a color texture. We do this step each surface type. (Displacement, Reflection, Bump, ect)

    Now we know the textures and the next step is to add all the textures to the correct channel.

    There is a “SeachValues” .txt file inside the plugin so you can adjust if needed.




  • How do I install the plugin?

    Very easy, just place it inside your Maxon plugin directory.

  • How does the license system work?

    There is no software license attached to the plugin. We had this system in the past but we think it’s not user friendly enough. Meaning you can use the plugin directly when you add it to your Maxon plugin directory.

  • Is there support for Cycles 4D?

    Currently is not possible to add support for Cycles4D because they have no python support for their engine.  They said it will be added soon.